CBD taken in the morning vs night

As we all start to incorporate CBD into our daily wellness regimen, you may have been wondering , “When may be the best time to take CBD?” “Is first thing in the morning or is right before bed better?” When asking these questions you may have heard “whatever works best for you” , but the discussion goes further than that. There is not an exact science as to when is the best time of day to take CBD, but there are way to figure out that timing is best for your body based on what you are looking to achieve. Here are a few ways we are dosing with CBD :

I take CBD in the Morning to…

  • Start your day with clarity
    You know those mornings where “brain fog” is harder to shift than usual? While CBD is not going to give you a quick jolt (save that for your morning coffee!), CBD helps to promote a healthy state of balance in the mind. We love added out Pure MCT based CBD into our morning coffee. 
  • Help you cope with challenging moments
    We can’t always know what life will throw at us, so taking our Anxiety Tincture infused with CBD in the morning puts you ahead of the game. CBD engages with cannabinoid receptors in the brain to facilitate relaxation, plus we incorporate Skullcap, Milky Oats and Blue Vervain which support healthy moods, calm your nervous state that immediately to those moments of unease.
  • Hit the ground running
    It’s not just our minds that need a kickstart first thing, after a night of stillness our bodies can feel a bit stiff. Our CBD Inflammation Tincture paired with Turmeric, Spurlina , Black pepper and Clove helps refresh and revive the body leaving you feeling more comfortable and ready to live your fullest life.
  • Kickstart your morning workout right
    Have you considered throwing CBD into your gym bag. Our Muscle Rub is a great therapeutic lotion bar that can be used before your workout to stimulate and warm up your muscles and/or post-workout to rejuvenate and revive your body after a tough sweat session.

I take CBD at Night-Time to…

  • Wind down after a hectic day
    If you’re looking for a way to replenish and relax your mind and body after a big day, why not try a CBD bath. ( research benefits of taking bath)
  • Close all the “open tabs” of your mind
    How many time have you come home to collapsing onto the couch or into bed, but this does little to help your wired mind and body shut down. CBD can help inspire feelings of relaxation by helping you find your “off” switch and prepare your body and mind to retire for the evening with an empty mind, not a full one. Take a breath and add some of our Soothe Cream to the base of your feet or temples. Blended with Vanilla (mood elevating) and lavender oil (promotes a sense of peace and clarity) this lotion can give you that added sense of calm!
  • Reduce Night-time Discomfort
    Dial down the temporary or occasional physical discomfort that can lead to interrupted sleep or makes getting to sleep difficult by promoting balance and setting yourself up for a restful night under the covers. With our Sleep Tincture we have incorporate Skullcap, Passionflower and California poppy to help put you in that place of ease and give your body the recovery it deserves.

Figuring out when to take CBD can take some trial and error and often depends on what you’re dealing with day-to-day. But whether you want to elevate your mood, promote muscle recovery, or wind down after a hectic day, CBD is a versatile partner to support a healthy mind and body day and night.

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