Why would you choose to use isolate instead of a full spectrum?

Isolate is what it sounds like: CBD that has been isolated from all the other compounds found in its original cannabis plant, with our products testing over  99% pure CBD.

While full spectrum CBD is federally legal, there is a chance that the trace amounts of THC and other cannabinoids present could show up in a drug test. For people who may be concerned about this, sourcing a reputable isolate is a good idea.

THC is stored in fat, so if you use a full-spectrum product over a period of many months, there is a chance that it could build up over time and cause you to register positive during a drug test.

Another thing to check, as obvious as it may seem, is What’s in the ingredient list?

If the supplier of the CBD products doesn’t have an ingredient list, either on the product or easily available on their website and literature, be cautious in moving forward with your purchase! If a product can’t be bothered to have an easy-to-comprehend list of what you’re putting in or on your body, there’s a good chance it’s nothing more than snake oil.

Sad as it is, there are a lot of unscrupulous people willing to take advantage of those in need by providing bogus product for jumped up prices. Along those same lines, always ask “Do you have lab reports?” Another article will go into detail on how to properly make sense of a full lab report (releasing soon!), but a good lab report should have a few basic things you can easily spot: level of CBD in product, the date the product was tested, and if possible test results for contamination (mold, pollen, chemicals, pesticides, etc). Again, if a product is offering CBD benefits but fails to produce a quality lab report on demand, beware!

Now you’re prepared to go forth and conquer the world of CBD products! Be smart in your shopping, spend your money wisely, and learn to promote true healing and health by listening to your body!

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