Bulletproof Coffee + CBD: The Vision One Naturals Way

This recipe is not like most that you’ll find for bulletproof coffee. I like to make mine a little more like a latte with a splash of almond milk and I like to add collagen for protein and it makes it creamier. If you’ve never had this coffee before, I recommend starting off with just one tbsp of coconut butter and maybe half a tbsp of butter. You can gradually increase to the full amount on the recipe over a couple of days. This coffee is both tasty and indulgent and it will make you feel like a super hero. You can accomplish anything after just a few sips. So go ahead, make it and enjoy getting everything done today!

Benefits of CBD + Bulletproof Coffee

  • Support joint and muscle function.
  • Support post-workout recovery.
  • Maintain a relaxed mood.
  • Maintain overall wellness.

Adding a CBD-infused coffee to your regimen may be just what you need to boost your morning routine and feel great all day.



  1. Brew coffee
  2. Combine coffee with all the other ingredients in a blender.
  3. Enjoy warm or add some ice cubes for a delicious iced coffee!

Author: katielane

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