Your best support to stay healthy this festive season.

Our seasonal Gut Health Tincture is our friend. A renowned formula in Ayurveda, Triphala translates to “three fruits”, but we’re not talking about conventional fruits like you might think. Loaded with antioxidants and numerous health benefits, this organic formula is a must in your go-to cabinet.

Who should take it

It is beneficial for those with sluggish digestion. According to this text, Triphala is said to help improve digestion, allowing us to get the most nutrition from our diet.

Those who are feeling sluggish from over-indulging or eating late, large meals will benefit from taking our Gut Health Tincture. This is whys it’s such a great support this festive season.

Those with toxic build up should also take this blend to cleanse the system. If you experience fogginess of mind, lack of appetite, stiffness in the joints, sluggish digestion, allergies or intolerances and weight issues .

When should I take it?

To optimize its ability to support natural healthy detoxing take it right before bed. To optimize its ability to act as a digestive tonic, take it first thing in the morning.

Can you use it daily?

Yes, Gut Health is safe for everyday use.

Enjoy the festive season, but also try to maintain normalcy in daily habit. Try our Gut Health Tincture as a support and your body and mind will thank you come the new year.

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