Supports relaxation and rest

This potent blend may support:

  • Helping your body rest throughout the night without waking
  • Sleeping through the night helps lower cortisol levels
  • 250mg CBD per 30ml / 1 ounce bottle
  • Serving size is 1/2-1 full dropper (20-40 drops)
  • Servings Per Container: 45

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Our non-habit forming sleep tincture will help you drift off naturally. Valerian root and hops induce a sense of tranquility while wild lettuce herb and blue vervainSleeping through the night helps lower cortisol levels work together to aid sleep.

TRUTH + TRANSPARENCY:  Some herbs will not give up their medicinal properties to a solvent less potent than alcohol. Alcohol-based tinctures are safe for use since the amount of alcohol ingested per dose is the equivalent of eating a very ripe banana. Alcohol has been used as a solvent in herbal tinctures for centuries. It remains popular today for its fast-acting properties, its potency, and its ability to preserve the shelf-life of tinctures. Given that only a very small amount of alcohol is consumed when we use a herbal tincture, it remains a very safe and effective way of delivering our favorite herbal remedies.

How to use:  Shake well before use. Take one full dropper straight under the tongue to feel the tonic’s immediate effect. Everyone’s biochemistry is different. If needed, up your dose until you reach the desired goals.

Because our tinctures use natural herbs and ingredients, natural sediment can occur. To prevent clogging, shake your tincture before using. If the dropper becomes clogged, run the glass under warm water.


Organic valerian root, organic wild lettuce herb, organic blue vervain aerial portion, organic hops flowers, organic grain alcohol, and distilled water, 250mg CBD Flower Isolate

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We care about what our customers are putting in their bodies. In partnership with our farm, we have set a standard of rigorous third-party lab testing. To ensure peace of mind and trust in our brand, all of our batch results are public to our customers.